Preparing Your Motorcycle For Winter Storage


Keeping your motorcycle in excellent working condition means performing some basic maintenance before putting it into storage for the winter. Before you say goodbye to your bike ahead of the cold winter months, make sure you follow this checklist to ensure your favorite machine will be ready to hit the road come spring. Wash The Bike Over the course of the summer, your bike has accumulated a layer of dust, dirt and insects.

16 September 2015

The Top Four Qualities To Look For In A Motor Sport Boot


Whether you are a fan of motorcycling or you engage in motocross, footwear is pretty important. It protects your feet, ankles and lower calves while you burn rubber on the road or on the track. There are four qualities you need to look for when you are searching for a new pair of motor sport boots. A Solid Heel Think of riding a motocross bike or motorcycle as though you were riding a horse.

23 June 2015

Proper ATV Safety Techniques For Kids


All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) are fun for adults and kids. They move fast and give children a chance to drive their first vehicle. The problem is that ATVs are also dangerous, especially to kids. There are many accidents involving children and ATVs. Before letting your child near one, make sure you are prepared with proper safety techniques. Choose the Correct Size ATV Never let a child ride an adult sized ATV.

15 June 2015