Heading Out For A Long Snowmobile Trip? Make Sure You Have These Essential Items


When you live in a snowy area, there are few things better than meeting up with some friends, firing up your snowmobiles and heading out for a day of fun and adventure on the trails. If the weather and conditions are suitable, you might be gone all day — or you might even find a motel along the route and spend a couple days on your machine. It's always a good idea to put careful consideration into packing the proper equipment when you're planning a long snowmobile excursion. Here are a number of essential items that you should always make sure that you're carrying.

Emergency Beacon

You can never be too safe where subzero temperatures are concerned, so it's crucial to always carry an emergency beacon with you. In the event that you become separated from the group — or perhaps even if your entire group gets lost during a blizzard — the beacon will transmit a signal that will allow the authorities to track your location and send out a rescue team to find you. Ideally, you'll never need to use the beacon, but you'll feel a lot better knowing that it's there.

Lots Of Lighting Solutions

It's possible that you'll need to perform a quick maintenance job on your snow machine, and, if a breakdown happens after dark, you want to make sure that you have adequate light. You can never carry too much in the way of lighting solutions. Typically, an LED flashlight is always a good idea, as is a head-mounted flashlight that you can wear to keep your hands free while you work. Single-use glow sticks are also useful to pack in your gear; they're lightweight but can illuminate a considerable area.


The last thing you want on your snowmobile outing is to feel miserable because you're hungry. At times, you may be hours away from somewhere you can eat, so it's worthwhile to pack some snacks that you can munch on in between meals. Consider things that are easy to carry — beef jerky, for example, won't go bad and doesn't take up much room. Protein bars are another ideal snack.


You don't always know what type of weather conditions you'll experience, and carrying a tarp can help you avoid harsh winds when you're stopped. If you need to stop for a quick repair job and the wind is strong, rigging up the tarp between two trees can block the wind to give you a better environment for working on your snowmobile.


23 August 2016

accessorizing a scooter

I wanted to find a fun way to spend more time outside. Since I spend most of the work week inside, I was hoping to find a fun way to get out in the sun on the weekends. That is why I went out and bought myself a motor scooter. Some of my friends giggled when I told them what I had bought, but after accessorizing it and taking it for a few rides, many of them have begun to understand why I love getting out on my scooter each weekend. Go to my blog to learn about scooter safety and to find some accessories that can make it look awesome!