Are Vacations For Your Growing Family Getting Expensive? Get An RV


Do you spend a lot of time traveling with your growing family and booking hotels throughout the year? If so, this could be a waste of money, and getting an RV could be a great way to invest your money and a more affordable way to vacation.

There are a variety of RV options, including trailers that you can pull behind an SUV or an RV that you can actually drive around. Here are a few advantages you'll want to consider when picking out the RV for your future adventures.

Pay Towards an Asset

The average cost for a standard hotel room, which may not fit a family, is $137.00 per night and on the rise. Just a week-long vacation could easily cost you over a $1,000 on the hotel alone, but with an RV you only have to pay for the lot fee. Also, there are many places that you can stay for free while you're traveling, like Walmart. Instead of paying money to a hotel that you'll never see again, you'll have invested your money into an RV that you can sell later, either when you want to upgrade or when you're done using it.

Take Your Own Food

Eating out can be one of the biggest expenses of your trip, and if you have your own RV you don't have to worry about going to the store whiel on vacation or eating at a restaurant. Instead, you can plan your meals ahead of time and pack up all your food before you leave, allowing you to spend more money on the things that you want to do while you're on vacation.

Avoid Airfare and Rental Fees

Do you often fly your family to the vacation location and then pay for a rental car? This probably takes a large portion of your vacation expenses. Instead, you can save money and spend time with your family by driving in your RV. You will have everything you need when you get to the location, and you can detach your car or drive your RV to the attractions you want to see.

If you family vacations are getting more and more costly as your family grows, and you think that you could save a lot of money with an RV, find a new or used model from an RV and trailer dealer like Camping World of Orlando. This could change the way you plan and pay for your beloved family trips. 


25 March 2016

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I wanted to find a fun way to spend more time outside. Since I spend most of the work week inside, I was hoping to find a fun way to get out in the sun on the weekends. That is why I went out and bought myself a motor scooter. Some of my friends giggled when I told them what I had bought, but after accessorizing it and taking it for a few rides, many of them have begun to understand why I love getting out on my scooter each weekend. Go to my blog to learn about scooter safety and to find some accessories that can make it look awesome!