Proper ATV Safety Techniques For Kids


All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) are fun for adults and kids. They move fast and give children a chance to drive their first vehicle. The problem is that ATVs are also dangerous, especially to kids. There are many accidents involving children and ATVs. Before letting your child near one, make sure you are prepared with proper safety techniques.

Choose the Correct Size ATV

Never let a child ride an adult sized ATV. There are many different sizes of ATVs made for children of different ages. The engines sizes vary, as well. The safest option for a beginner is a four-wheeled ATV. The four wheels make for a stable machine. Young children should start out with an engine no bigger than 70cc. Choose a single speed ATV that won't go faster no matter how hard the driver tries. Automatic transmissions are also easiest for kids to use.

Make Sure Your Child Fits the ATV

Just because you purchase the safest ATV for your child, doesn't mean that he or she is big enough to ride it. Children differ in sizes. Before making a purchase, allow your child to sit on the ATV to test it. Have them grasp the handlebars and test the brake and throttle. Make them move the handlebars and shift left and right to practice keeping balance. If you child seems confident performing these movements, then he or she is the right fit.

Buy A High Standard Helmet

Even though the ATV won't be on public roads, you still need to choose a helmet that is either DOT approved or Snell approved. This is for the protection of your child. You want a helmet that is designed to withstand accidents on roads because accidents off-road can be just as deadly. DOT approved helmets have minimum safety requirements. Snell approved helmets have DOT standards and many more. Yes, they will cost more, but your child will be safer.

Always Stay Off-Road

ATVs are not designed to go on public roads. The tires have huge tread designed to dig into the dirt for greater stability. Place your ATV on pavement and the tires have nothing to grab on to. The small surface area that actually touches the pavement isn't enough to keep the ATV steady. You should never let your child drive an ATV over paved roads. Don't even let them cross a paved road. Most states allow crossing of roads, but some make it illegal for children to cross paved roads. Despite the law, you shouldn't let your child on paved roads for even those few moments.

Follow these safety guidelines, as well as the many others, to guarantee your children's safety while racing around on their new ATVs.


15 June 2015

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